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Products/Products of Pepino/Tests/PEPINO LH One Step Ovulation 5 Tests (strip) - DIPSTRIP

PEPINO LH One Step Ovulation 5 Tests (strip) - DIPSTRIP

Pepino ovulation test dipstrip for fertile days. 5 tests in a package.

WHAT IS OVULATION?: As you know, pregnancy occurs when a woman’s egg cell (ovum) is fertilized by a sperm cell. Ovulation is a natural process that takes place each month. During this time the level of a special ovulation hormone known as Luteinizing Hormone (LH) increases, and this increase can be detected in the urine. This increase in LH triggers ovulation, that is, the release of the ovum from the ovary, usually in the middle of the monthly menstrual cycle. Levels of LH increase (LH surge) for approximately 24 hours prior to ovulation. The test identifies this LH surge and thereby enables you to estimate when you are ovulating. The period of time during which you can become pregnant is short, because the ovum is viable for only a short time after it is released from the ovary (around 24 hours) and sperm cells can survive for only a few days.

RELIABILITY: When the test is performed in accordance with the package instructions, the reliability of identifying the LH surge in a urine sample is high. Comparative tests carried out in medical laboratories have shown 99% accuracy test.

WHEN SHOULD YOU PERFORM THE TEST?: In order to discover the day on which the LH surge will appear, you will need to take a urine test every day, at roughly the same time of day. Five days of testing is usually sufficient for women with a regular menstrual cycle. In order to decide on which day of your cycle you should begin testing, subtract 16 days from the length of your cycle.

FOR EXAMPLE: If your cycle is 28 days, you should begin testing 12 days after the beginning of your menstrual period.

WHEN SHOULD YOU HAVE INTERCOURSE?: The best chance for becoming pregnant is when you have sexual intercourse on your most fertile days, when you are ovulating.

WHEN ARE THE TWO MOST FERTILE DAYS?: The two most fertile days begin from the day you identify the surge in LH, until about two days afterwards.

HOW DO YOU MEASURE THE DURATION OF YOUR MONTHLY CYCLE?: Count the number of days, beginning from the first day of menstrual bleeding, until the first day of bleeding of your next period. Most women have a regular menstrual cycle that usually lasts about 28 days.

WHAT IF THE MONTHLY CYCLE IS NOT REGULAR?: If you don’t have a regular menstrual cycle, choose the shortest cycle during the past three months and perform the test according to that cycle (using the table above). In this case you may need to perform more than 5 ovulation tests to find your two most fertile days.

HOW LONG SHOULD YOU TEST?: If after 5 days of testing you do not see evidence of the LH surge you should continue testing for several more days, until you obtain a positive result (indicating a rise in LH). If after three menstrual periods you do not see a rise in LH, consult your doctor.




Quantity inside one carton (pcs) 730
Type Pepino - tests
Unit of measure (1pc) ks
Unit of measure - content (1pc) 5
EAN 8592442900267