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Products/Products of Pepino/Tests/PEPINO HCG One Step Pregnancy test cassette

PEPINO HCG One Step Pregnancy test cassette

THE FUNCTION OF PEPINO TEST CASSETTE?: As soon as the fertilized egg has implanted the uterus, the cells which are a basis of the future placenta start producing the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone into blood and urine. The pregnancy test detects the HCG hormone with the newest technology - by means of specific antibodies linked to colloidal gold particles. The accuracy of this method is > 99%. Pepino cassette pregnancy test can detect pregnancy in its very early stage, ca. two days after the egg implanted the uterus.

RELIABILITY: If the test is performed according to the instructions, its accuracy is very high, similar as in pregnancy tests from urine samples carried out in a professional laboratory. In laboratory tests carried out on urine samples of pregnant women the accuracy of more than 99% was found. Most medicaments do not influence the test, however, as with all pregnancy tests, a false positive result can be caused by Chorigon injections applied during a certain kind of infertility treatment and by medicaments containing the hCG hormone.




Quantity inside one carton (pcs) 10
Type Pepino - tests
Unit of measure (1pc) ks
Unit of measure - content (1pc) 1
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