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Products/Products of Pepino/Tests/PEPINO HCG One Step Pregnancy Test (strip) - DIPSTRIP - 2 pcs

PEPINO HCG One Step Pregnancy Test (strip) - DIPSTRIP - 2 pcs

THE FUNCTION OF PEPINO DIPSTRIP?: As soon as the fertilized egg has implanted the uterus, the cells which are a basis of the future placenta start producing the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone into blood and urine. The pregnancy test detects the HCG hormone with the newest technology – by means of specific antibodies linked to colloidal gold particles. The accuracy of this method is > 99%. Pepino Dipstrip strip pregnancy test can detect pregnancy in its very early stage, ca. two days after the egg implanted the uterus.

RELIABILITY: If the dipstrip test is performed according to the instructions, its accuracy is very high, similar as in pregnancy tests from urine samples carried out in a professional laboratory. In laboratory tests carried out on urine samples of pregnant women the accuracy of more than 99% was found. Most medicaments do not influence the test, however, as with all pregnancy tests, a false positive result can be caused by Chorigon injections applied during a certain kind of fertility treatment and by medicaments containing the hCG hormone.

EASY AND FAST: One of the main advantages of the pregnancy test Pepino Dipstrip is its simple use in

ONE STEP. Just dip part of the testing strip in the urine sample. The result will appear within few minutes.




Quantity inside one carton (pcs) 10
Type Pepino - tests
Unit of measure (1pc) ks
Unit of measure - content (1pc) 2
EAN 8592442901196